“Through scientific research, we are now aware of the thought processes which are powerful enough to maintain a pain state. We call them thought viruses.
“All of these thought viruses are common in people with persistent pain who don’t understand the physiology of pain. They are enough to take you right to the edge.
“I’m in pain so there must be something harmful happening to my body."
“We can put a man on the moon, why can’t someone fix this pain for me?"
“I’m so frightened of my pain and of injuring my back again that I’m not doing anything."
“I’m staying home, not going out, I’m keeping quiet and out of things."
"My pain is worse on Monday."
“Even thoughts like ‘this doctor thinks I’m making it up’, ‘the CT scan couldn’t find it so it must be really bad and deep’, and “Aunt Deidre had back pain and she is now in a wheelchair’ are threatening to a brain concerned about your survival. These thoughts and the fear of certain activities, or fear of re-injury, can increase pain.”
- David Butler M.App.Sc. & Lorimer Moseley Ph.D., Explain Pain
The quotes are from some of the world's top pain scientists. 
If you or someone you know has chronic or persistent pain, or a negative outlook on life, we have a simple process that may change things.