A patient of mine was very hung up on a surgeon telling her she had severe degeneration on her x-ray in her knee. She wanted me to look at her x-ray every time she came in, insisting it was the reason why her pain was so severe. She was actually recovering from a broken arm, but since it was casted and cleared on x-ray, her brain gave the green light to get moving without threat. After several attempts at trying to get me to look at it, she eventually asked an intern who was studying under me in the clinic. When I heard, "My knee is killing me, won't you please look at my x-ray..." followed by "Sure," I ran to exam room. Before I got there, I heard, "Excuse me, which knee is the one that hurst so much?" The reply was, "My left knee." My intern quickly stated, "But, this x-ray is of your right knee."

The patient was flabbergasted, then recalled, "Oh this x-ray is about 5 years old, I guess at the time, my right knee was hurting then." After this moment, she responded to all chosen physical therapy interventions, including manual therapy, pain science education, and exercise. Make sure your provider is up to date on The Science of Pain. #GetPT